Roof Curbs

Cambridgeport's standard roof curb comes 14″tall, uninsulated, seismic rated & uses our patented sure lock corner clip which makes assembly easy while remaining sturdy and weather tight.

Roof Curb


  • Standard seismic rated
  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel
  • Full perimeter wood nailer
  • Mitered top corners
  • Welds sprayed for rust prevention
  • Pre-punched assembly holes


  • Horizontal supply / return
  • Vibration isolation
  • Filters
  • Wind / seismic
  • Zone dampers
  • Acoustical
  • Insulated
  • Sloped / metal ribbed / standing seam
  • Custom design

Our patented sure-lock clip

This corner clip makes assembly of our knock down roof curbs faster and easier than ever. With minimal tools needed and no threaded fasteners you will have more time to focus on other aspects of your rooftop install. This unassembled roof curb is self squaring and pre-punched holes make locating duct supports a breeze.